Vistula Spit Canal

Comprehensive reconstruction of the medium voltage energy infrastructure, construction of a medium voltage station for construction purposes.

VW Poznan

Electrical and teletechnical works related to the construction of power supply systems due to expansion of the production plant.

Gdański Park Naukowo Technologiczny

Comprehensive energy works within the buildings’ main switchboards scoping automated technology repair, main and emergency power supply control system repair.

Yangtorp, Sweden

For Yangtorp – Swedish Centre of Chinese medicine and resort, Proelectric conducted a comprehensive renovation of electrical system. The project included the delivery and installation of electric power generator with a capacity of 400 kVA, delivery of the ABP automatic control as well as prefabrication of LV switchgears.




Szkoła Muzyczna w Elblągu

The scope of work conducted for the main contractor – Skanska S.A. – included electrical and telecom engineering installations at the Concert Hall of the State Music School in Elblag. Proelectric conducted comprehensive electric installations as part of a construction scheme of the District Court and Regional Court in Elblag.

Pomerenian Science and Technology Park, Gdynia

Our continuous co-operation with PPNT includes: supervision of design projects and reconstruction of RG power supply (main switchboard) and generator sets (units of 1MW), UPS. Additionally, we provide constant service maintenance and service inspections of transformer stations, electric generators, MV and LV switchboards.

Keller, Poland

Works conducted at LOTOS Group SA: reconstruction of energy infrastructure – LV, MV. Telecom and power engineering installations’ collision removal.

Alstal Grupa Budowlana

Design and execution of an electrical and telecom engineering installation at Ełk composting plant.

EL-PUK, k/Konstantynowa Łódzkiego

Installation of electrical Power system for entire facility (MV and LV), receiving installations as well as telecom engineering installation. Prefabrication of switchboards. Comprehensive reconstruction of MV external networks. Turnkey Project.


Kampmann, Poland

Comprehensive installation of electrical power facility, installation of transformer station, prefabrication and launch of switchboards as well as control of ventilation units of Kampmann company.


Water purification plant Gdansk East

Electrical installation of heating torch, heating chambers and electrical installation and automation of ignition torch system. Design along with installation.

OSMO Anlagenbau GmBH & Co. KG

Comprehensive electrical and telecom engineering installations for the German contractor from an industrial sector.

Sierra Ivory Apartments

Delivery, installation and launch of MV switchboard for the apartments constructed at the Sierra Golf Club area. Installation of power lines for MV and comprehensive preparation of the construction site.

Bo Concept, Sopot

Installation of the power supply and receiving installation for a Sopot store, being part of the Danish furniture chain. Design execution as well as installation of the signalling and alarm system – ISA. Turnkey project.


Design execution along with comprehensive installation of electrical networks for MV through transformer station, backup power supply and external installations.



Comprehensive electrical and telecom engineering installations as well as computer control of access installation for Reserved and Cropp Town chain stores across Poland.

CH Kowale, Gdańsk

Comprehensive electrical and telecom engineering installations. Delivery, installation and launch of MV switchboard and electrical switchboards. Delivery and installation of SSP, SWIN, CCTV, KD, IT, DSO systems. Installation of electric lightning system. Installation and launch of backup power system. Control and visualization of the lighting installation.

CH Tesco, Gdańsk

Installation of SAP, DSO systems, paging and monitoring systems for emergency lighting.

CH Auchan, Gdańsk

Comprehensive electrical installations, switchboard installations and telecom engineering installations in the CH Auchan gastronomy area.

Leroy Merlin, Warszawa

Electrical installations of power stations for the entire facility, LV installation and receiving installation. Prefabrication of switchboards. Comprehensive reconstruction of external MV networks. Turnkey project.

LG Digital

Installation of cable routes as well as comprehensive installations in hall of energy distribution.      

LG Philips

Installation of LV and MV power system of the facility – Liquid Crystal Displays Factory. Moreover, installation of the cable routes.