ORLEN – Mościska Fuel Base

comprehensive construction of automated technology, energy infrastructure, control systems, reconstruction of the LV switching station in the Fuel Base. Construction of a complete gasoline vapor recovery installation.

Lotos Group Compressors

Comprehensive replacement of MV cables, including the reconstruction of distribution bays and junction boxes for compressor cable heads – installation and commissioning.

Lotos Group Crystallizers Project

Comprehensive delivery, installation and commissioning of automated technology and pneumatics devices, together with system operation visualization.

Lotos Group EFRA Project

electrical installations, automated technology, pneumatics within the new HGU and DCU installations. Comprehensive delivery of steel structures for the entire scope of the investment, specifically for the purpose of electrical and automated technology installations.

Grupa LOTOS S.A.

Comprehensive renovation of emergency lighting installation, renovation of power supply and control systems within pump aggregate, adjusting switchboard to measure the energy consumed, expansion of LV switchboards, LV electrical installation collision removal, renovation of the chemicals pump chamber, extension of the power supply and control systems by additional inverters, at the rail tanker unloading.


Delivery, installation and renovation of the RB3 switchgear. Laying cables in the switchgear area, execution of the measuring system, qualitative and as-built documentation and installation commissioning.

LOTOS Serwis

Extension of the power supply and control systems by additional inverters, at the rail tanker unloading. Delivery, installation and commissioning of switchgears. Comprehensive installation of structural TECHNIP network .

Petrochemia Płock

Execution of works within control and measurement instruments and automation (AKPiA) installations, electrical and telecom engineering installations.